W George Kernohan

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BACKGROUND The World Health Organisation recognises palliative care as a global public health issue and this is reflected at strategic level. Despite this, palliative care may not be universally welcomed. Surveys over the last decade have suggested that the general public have a lack of knowledge and negative perceptions towards palliative care. A detailed(More)
Lower limb length differences of up to 10mm exist in 60% - 95% of the population.There are usually no symptoms or functional effects. Following Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA), satisfactory clinical results can be spoiled by dissatisfaction due to a change in leg length. Although the change in leg length may be modest in comparison to the normal variation, the(More)
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Breastfeeding has immense public health value for mothers, babies, and society. But there is an undesirably large gap between the number of new mothers who undertake and persist in breastfeeding compared to what would be a preferred level of accomplishment. This gap is a reflection of the many obstacles, both physical and psychological, that confront new(More)
The majority of widely used hip prostheses offer a limited range of offset sizes, including 35, 37, 40, 44 and 45mm. These sizes are provided to match the mean population offset which has been reported as 43.0mm (Noble et al 1988). The variability of proximal femoral geometry in terms of offset is consistent with the theory that the geometry of the femur is(More)
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