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This Letter reports on a systematic study of β-decay half-lives of neutron-rich nuclei around doubly magic (208)Pb. The lifetimes of the 126-neutron shell isotone (204)Pt and the neighboring (200-202)Ir, (203)Pt, (204)Au are presented together with other 19 half-lives measured during the "stopped beam" campaign of the rare isotope investigations at GSI(More)
A compact, quasi-4π position sensitive silicon array, TIARA, designed to study direct reactions induced by radioactive beams in inverse kinematics is described here. The Transfer and Inelastic All-angle Reaction Array (TIARA) consists of 8 resistive-strip silicon detectors forming an octagonal barrel around the target and a set of double-sided silicon-strip(More)
Total absorption spectroscopy is used to investigate the β-decay intensity to states above the neutron separation energy followed by γ-ray emission in (87,88)Br and (94)Rb. Accurate results are obtained thanks to a careful control of systematic errors. An unexpectedly large γ intensity is observed in all three cases extending well beyond the excitation(More)
A. M. Bruce, 1 A. P. Byrne, 2 G. D. Dracoulis, 2 W. Gelletly, 3 T. Kibèdi, 2 F. G. Kondev, 2 C. S. Purry, 3 P. H. Regan, 2,3 C. Thwaites, 1 and P. M. Walker 3 Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Brighton, Brighton, BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering,(More)
Shapes of [superscript 192,190]Pb ground states from-decay studies using the total-absorption technique. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. The β decay of 192,190 Pb has been studied using the total absorption technique at the ISOLDE (CERN) facility. The β-decay strength(More)
A.I. Morales, ∗ J. Benlliure, M. Górska, H. Grawe, S. Verma, † P.H. Regan, Zs. Podolyák, S. Pietri, ‡ R. Kumar, E. Casarejos, § A. Algora, 6 N. Alkhomashi, ¶ H. Álvarez-Pol, G. Benzoni, A. Blazhev, P. Boutachkov, A.M. Bruce, L.S. Cáceres, I.J. Cullen, A.M. Denis Bacelar, P. Doornenbal, M.E. Estévez-Aguado, G. Farrelly, Y. Fujita, A.B. Garnsworthy, W.(More)
A.-A. Zakari-Issoufou, M. Fallot, A. Porta, A. Algora, 3 J.L. Tain, E. Valencia, S. Rice, V.M Bui, S. Cormon, M. Estienne, J. Agramunt, J. Äystö, M. Bowry, J.A. Briz, R. Caballero-Folch, D. Cano-Ott, A. Cucoanes, V.-V. Elomaa, T. Eronen, E. Estévez, G.F. Farrelly, A.R. Garcia, W. Gelletly, 4 M.B Gomez-Hornillos, V. Gorlychev, J. Hakala, A. Jokinen, M.D.(More)
The antineutrino spectra measured in recent experiments at reactors are inconsistent with calculations based on the conversion of integral beta spectra recorded at the ILL reactor. (92)Rb makes the dominant contribution to the reactor antineutrino spectrum in the 5-8 MeV range but its decay properties are in question. We have studied (92)Rb decay with total(More)
A.M. Denis Bacelar, A.M. Bruce, Zs. Podolyák S. Lalkovski, S. Pietri, N. Al-Dahan, M. Górska A. Algora , N. Alkhomashi, J. Benlliure, P. Boutachkov A. Bracco, E. Calore, E. Casarejos, I.J. Cullen A.Y. Deo, P. Detistov, Z. Dombradi , C. Domingo-Pardo M. Doncel, F. Farinon, G.F. Farrelly, H. Geissel W. Gelletly, J. Gerl, N. Goel, J. Grebosz, R. Hoischen I.(More)