W. G. Sullivan

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For a large class of stationary probability measures on A/sup N/, where A is a finite alphabet, we compute the specific Renyi entropy of order /spl alpha/ and the specific guesswork moments of order /spl beta/ > -1. We show that the specific guesswork moment of order /spl beta/ equals the specific Renyi entropy of order /spl alpha/ = 1 / (1 + /spl beta/)(More)
(this covers the basic methods along with chapters on probabilistic risk analysis, decision trees, cost accounting, and activity-based costing; it has a supplement "Electronic Spreadsheets for Engineering Economy Applications", and it has a web site for support) Others: (a very practical text with chapters on each of the evaluation methodologies; the focus(More)
1 The Equivalence of Ensembles In statistical mechanics the problem of the equivalence of ensembles goes back to Boltz-mann and Gibbs. Here it is the problem of proving that, in the thermodynamic limit, the microcanonical measures and the grand canonical measures are equivalent; making precise the meaning of \equivalent" is part of the problem. It is(More)
We consider a stationary source emitting letters from a nite alphabet A. The source is described by a stationary probability measure on the space := A IN of sequences of letters. Denote by n the set of words of length n and by n the probability measure induced on n by. We consider sequences f? n n : n 2 INg having special properties. Call f? n n : n 2 INg a(More)
(ABSTRACT) In this report, a future scenario concerning the economic direction of the computing industry has been presented. This future scenario was based on past developments within the computing industry. The continued miniaturization of semiconductor components was discussed based on observed trends for transistors. The physical limitations for(More)