W. G. Sullivan

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For a large class of stationary probability measures on A/sup N/, where A is a finite alphabet, we compute the specific Renyi entropy of order /spl alpha/ and the specific guesswork moments of order /spl beta/ > -1. We show that the specific guesswork moment of order /spl beta/ equals the specific Renyi entropy of order /spl alpha/ = 1 / (1 + /spl beta/)(More)
The hospital records of all patients presenting to a large urban trauma center emergency department with facial fractures from 1980 through 1984 were reviewed retrospectively. There were 788 patients in the study group, averaging 1.8 fractures per patient for a total of 1,423 facial fractures. The study population had 638 (80.9%) males and 150 (19.1%)(More)
Severity of lacerative skin injury depends on the applied load and the resistance of the tissue. At low (static) rates of loading there is a high degree of correlation between skin tensile strength and the degree of collagen crosslinking, with little added strength due to collagen interactions with the glycosaminoglycan matrix. We examined the effects of(More)
In 37 cadavers of average age 75.5 years, the calvarium was studied. In all, the diploe and outer and inner tables were found to be definite layers. Although the parietal bone thickness did decrease with age in this study, there was no correlation between age and the outer table or diploe thickness. No significant change with age occurred in the occipital(More)
Full-thickness cranial (membranous) and split-thickness iliac crest (endochondral) onlay bone grafts were placed subperiosteally without fixation onto the snout (membranous) and tibia (endochondral) in 30 rats. The animals had been divided into three equal groups in which the bone grafts had been demineralized, autoclaved, or used fresh. Recipient sites(More)
In utero cleft lip repairs were done by full-thickness approximation of the cleft edges by 11-0 sutures in the A/J mouse on day 17 of gestation after Dilantin was administered on day 10. On day 20, a cesarean section was performed, the repair inspected, and the lip sectioned for histologic study. One-thousand one-hundred and thirty-nine mice were bred, and(More)