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Some effects on the properties of electron-beam evaporated thin films produced by ion bombardment of the growing film are reported. Substantial increases in the packing densities of SiO2 , TiO2 , and ZrO2 films have been produced as measured by the reduction in the adsorption of moisture when the films are exposed to a humid atmosphere. In a ZrO2-SiO2(More)
The optical properties of MgF(2) films prepared by evaporation and ion-assisted deposition have been determined from transmittance and near-normal incidence reflectance measurements and also from electron-energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). The results show that oxygen-ion assistance leads to higher extinction coefficients for wavelengths <180 nm. Transmission(More)
The design and construction of an induced-transmission interference-filter array for use in multiwavelength pyrometry are described. The array which covers the 0.75-1.70-microm wavelength range is shown to be both an efficient beam splitter and wavelength selector. Fabrication details of the filters are provided with a complete description of the pyrometer(More)
A number of broadband multilayer dielectric coatings with reflectances of ~0.9 are described. Techniques used to produce highly uniform coatings for airspaced Fabry-Perot interferometers are given in detail, with emphasis on a method of optically monitoring the layer thicknesses. The method results in reasonable agreement over the whole spectrum between the(More)
The plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique was used to produce thin-film structures with both sinusoidally and stepwise varying refractive-index profiles. The refractive index of the SiO(x)N(y) system used in the fabrication was found to be time dependent following a stepwise change in reactant gas flows or initiation of the plasma. This time(More)
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