W Friese

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The localization of the Na(+)-D-glucose cotransporter in rat small intestine was investigated with four monoclonal antibodies which were raised against porcine renal brush-border membrane proteins. The antibodies alter high affinity phlorizin binding or Na+ gradient-dependent D-glucose uptake in kidney and intestine. In both organs, the antibodies react(More)
The sodium/calcium exchanger was purified from bovine retinal rod outer segment membranes and used for the immunization of New Zealand White rabbits. A polyclonal antibody was produced which was found to bind specifically to the 230 kDa Na+/Ca2(+)-exchanger protein as assessed by Western blotting. The antibody did not bind to the high-molecular-weight "rim(More)
In an attempt to identify a cellular Ca2+-pool, from which calcium is released when secretagogues are applied, tissue fragments of the rat exocrine pancreas were incubated and fixed with glutaraldehyde in the presence of calcium. By means of this procedure electron-dense deposits were found on plasma membranes. X-ray microanalysis showed that these deposits(More)
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