W F Trager

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Aromatase is a microsomal cytochrome P450 that converts androgens to estrogens by three sequential oxidations. The isolation of the 19-hydroxy and 19-oxo androgens suggests that the first two oxidations occur at the C19 carbon. However, the mechanism of the third oxidation, which results in C10--C19 bond cleavage, has not been determined. Two proposed(More)
The theoretical basis for the direct linear plot [Eisenthal & Cornish-Bowden (1974) Biochem. J. 139, 715-720], a non-parametric statistical method for the analysis of data-fitting the Michaelis-Menten equation, was reinvestigated in order to accommodate additional experimental designs and to provide estimates of precision more directly comparable with those(More)
Monte Carlo experiments have been used to test the robustness of distribution-free confidence limits for the parameters of the Michaelis-Menten equation (Porter & Trager, 1977). When used in conjunction with the modified form of the direct linear plot (Cornish-Bowden & Eisenthal, 1978), they prove to be more robust than least-squares confidence limits. In(More)
The 13C chemical shifts for all the carbon atoms is spironolactone have been assigned. Assignments for nine additional steroids which include the C-7 beta isomer of spironolactone, its C-7 thiol hydrolysis product, the 7 alpha-thioacetate derivative of testosterone and its thiol hydrolysis product are also reported.
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