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The problems of object class segmentation [2], which assigns an object label such as road or building to every pixel in the image and dense stereo reconstruction, in which every pixel within an image is labelled with a disparity [1], are well suited for being solved jointly. Both approaches formulate the problem of providing a correct labelling of an image(More)
—Fast and accurate analysis of fluorescence in-situ hy-bridization (FISH) images for signal counting will depend mainly upon two components: a classifier to discriminate between artifacts and valid signals of several fluorophores (colors), and well discriminating features to represent the signals. Our previous work has focused on the first component. To(More)
In this paper we present a new technique for recognis-ing Arabic cursive words from scanned images of text. The approach is segmentation-free, and is applied to four different Arabic typefaces, where ligatures and overlaps pose challenges to segmentation-based methods. We transform each word into a normalised polar image, then we apply a two dimensional(More)