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Loceryl nail lacquer was developed to provide the effective antifungal drug, amorolfine, in a once-weekly dosage regimen combined with a convenient mode of application. Traditional formulations such as creams and nail solutions do not fulfil these requirements because they are wiped or washed off very rapidly. Amorolfine nail lacquer builds a(More)
Using blood level-time profiles of five different drugs, the maximum and minimum drug concentrations,c'max and c'min, were determined according to four different methods. It was demonstrated that the one-point method results in an acceptable estimate allowing prediction of steady state concentrations and adjustment of dose regimen based on one single blood(More)
Madopar HBS (125 mg) is a controlled-release dosage form with 100 mg L-dopa and 25 mg benserazide. The 'hydrodynamically balanced system' (HBS) used for this novel dosage form of Madopar is a dosage form which, when in contact with gastric fluid and after dissolution of the gelatine shell of the capsule, forms a mucous body and a bulk density of less than 1(More)
The influence of the temperature of ingested water on the stomach emptying time of solid material was studied in healthy volunteers using a telemetric pH measurement device. The time of discharge of the indigestible capsule from the stomach into the duodenum is statistically faster when administered with 250 ml of water at 5 degrees C, 15.91+/-10.04 min.(More)
Phenol red solutions of 5,25 and 45 degress C were administered perorally to rats. 15, 30 and 45 min after administration the rats were sacrificed and the residue of phenol red in the stomach and in the small intestine determined. Precent phenol red dose recovered from the stomach versus time was found to follow first-order kinetics. The data show a(More)
Experimental sulfadiazine tablets prepared by direct compression, using a commercially available direct compression tablet mass, were compared with experimental sulfadiazine tablets prepared by fluidized-bed granulation and commercially available sulfadiazine tablets USP. The values for friability and the time required to release 10 and 50% of the direct(More)
Baryon-to-meson Transition Distribution Amplitudes (TDAs) encoding valuable new information on hadron structure appear as building blocks in the collinear factorized description for several types of hard exclusive reactions. In this paper, we address the possibility of accessing nucleon-to-pion (πN) TDAs from p̄p → eeπ reaction with the future P̄ANDA(More)