W. Elliott

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Perinatal cortical damage is often associated with significant overall shrinkage of the remaining cortex and severe behavioral impairments. Environmental experience was manipulated in order to determine if the anatomical and behavioral effects of neonatal frontal decortication might be attenuated by rearing in a complex environment. Rats received frontal(More)
There is evidence that complex objects are decomposed by the visual system into features, such as shape and color. Consistent with this theory is the phenomenon of illusory conjunctions, which occur when features are incorrectly combined to form an illusory object. We analyzed the perceived location of illusory conjunctions to study the roles of color and(More)
Female greater wax moths Galleria mellonella display by wing fanning in response to bursts of ultrasonic calls produced by males. The temporal and spectral characteristics of these calls show some similarities with the echolocation calls of bats that emit frequency-modulated (FM) signals. Female G. mellonella therefore need to distinguish between the(More)
(UNU-IAS) is a global think tank whose mission is "to advance knowledge and promote learning for policy-making to meet the challenges of sustainable development". UNU-IAS undertakes research and postgraduate education to identify and address strategic issues of concern for all humankind, for governments, decision-makers, and particularly, for developing(More)
Any reproduction in full or in part of this publication must mention the title and credit the above mentioned publisher and copyright owner. for providing me with high resolution graphs (p. 30 and cover III). I am also especially thankful to the support of the editorial board, Andreas Baumüller, Martina Fleckenstein and Stefanie Lang as well as to the WWF(More)
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