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In this paper, we propose a butterfly−graph based stream authentication scheme for lossy networks where the streaming packets could be lost in both random and burst ways. Due to the nice properties of butterfly graph, the proposed scheme is quite robust and efficient. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the proposed scheme outperforms(More)
Fault localization is an expensive technique in software debugging. Program dependence graphs are used for testing, debugging and maintenance applications in software engineering. Program dependence graphs (PDG) are used to build a probabilistic graphical model of program behavior. In this paper we proposed a model based fault localization technique using(More)
To obtain the high quality software, there is a use of Mutation testing to measure the quality of our test suite. Fault insertion based techniques have been used for measuring test adequacy and testability of programs. Mutants are generated by introducing the faults in the original program. Tests Cases are adequate if they detect all the mutants. This paper(More)
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