W. E. Vaubel

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The operating table moves on a swivel and also in tracks: the surface can be sterilized. There is a bracket for the upper arm, with a single or tandem profile cuff and a rapid seal. Exsanguination, stasis, and immobilization of the arm are assured. The patient's hand is firmly fixed in place. Arm supports for the surgeon and a microscope adapter for an(More)
Eine Methode zur in-vivo-Bestimmung kleiner Mengen von ACTH wird beschrieben, die auf der Messung des Plasma-Corticosterons der durch Dexamethason hypophysenblockierten Ratte mittels des Fluoreszenz-Zusatzes des Photometers Eppendorf beruht. Als unterste Grenze der Nachweisbarkeit konnten 0,05–0,1 mE ACTH (Internationales und U.S.P. Standard) mit einem(More)
Success in the treatment of Apert's syndrome depends not only on the quality of surgical correction but also upon its timing. Two nearly identical patients were treated with similar good surgical results. However, one was 12 years old at the time of surgery and the other fifteen months. The infant showed a good result, while the older child had little or no(More)