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During the past 11 years, there have been numerous reports of outbreaks of salmonellosis involving horses in veterinary teaching hospitals. Some of these outbreaks have been associated with Salmonella serotypes not commonly associated with infection of horses. Salmonella infantis is among the more common Salmonella serotypes isolated from human beings, and(More)
The concurrent use of an oral assessment guide and oral care algorithm proved valuable in providing a more consistent approach to the oral care of children on a particular paediatric oncology ward (Gibson et al. 1997). However, as action research was chosen to develop practice, the diagnosis of new problems was anticipated. The identification of problem(More)
Risk-reduction mastectomy (RRM), also known as bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, is a controversial clinical option for women who are at increased risk of breast cancer. High-risk women, including women with a strong family history of breast cancer and BRCA1/2 mutation carriers, have several clinical options: risk-reduction surgery (bilateral mastectomy(More)
The purpose of this study was to characterize and measure indoor air quality in public facilities and office buildings. The pollutants of interest were particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter, PM-2.5, and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Integrated PM-2.5 samples were taken on Teflon membrane filters using Harvard Aerosol Impactors as a(More)