W. E. N. Qiao-yan

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Key establishment has been a challenging problem in wireless sensor networks. With the increasing of the sensor network applications, many key predistribution schemes are proposed. In most key predistribution schemes, sensors are loaded with preassigned keys. Sensor nodes discover common keys to establish secure connection with neighboring nodes. Nodes that(More)
Based on the relationship between nonlinearity and resiliency of a multi-output function, we present a method for constructing nonintersecting linear codes from packing design. Through these linear codes, we obtainn-variable,m-output,t-resilient functions with very high nonlinearity. their nonlinearities are currently the best results for most of cases.
In this paper, we propose a method to get the lower bounds of the 2-adic complexity of a sequence obtained from a periodic sequence over by either inserting or deleting symbols within one period. The results show the variation of the distribution of the 2-adic complexity becomes as increases. Particularly, we discuss the lower bounds when respectively. k(More)
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