W E Mountcastle

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CRITCHLOW, V., R. A. LIEBELT, M. BAR-SELA, W. MOUNTCASTLE, AND H. S. LIPSCOMB. Sex dijerence in resting pituitaryadrenal function in the rat. Am. J. Physiol. 205(5): 807-815. I g63.-Resting levels of plasma and adrenal corticosteroids, pituitary content of adrenocorticotropin, and circulating leukocytes were determined at intervals during controlled 24-hr(More)
Helical nucleocapsids of each of the paramyxoviruses simian virus 5 (SV5), Newcastle disease virus (NDV), and Sendai virus have been isolated in two different forms. One form contains larger protein subunits and is obtained from mature virions or infected cells dispersed by ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. The other form possesses smaller subunits and is(More)
The polypeptides of three paramyxoviruses (simian virus 5, Newcastle disease virus, and Sendai virus) were separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Glycoproteins were identified by the use of radioactive glucosamine as a carbohydrate precursor. The protein patterns reveal similarities among the three viruses. Each virus contains at least five or six(More)
The protein subunits of the nucleocapsid of the parainfluenza virus simian virus 5 isolated from infected cells after dispersion with trypsin, chymotrypsin, or ficin are cleaved proteolytically. The molecular weights of the subunits which result from cleavage depend on the enzyme used, but are around 43,000, compared to the native subunit of 61,000. In most(More)
The blastogenic response of MS lymphocytes to a group of paramyxovirus antigens and to phytohemagglutinin was investigated. Comparative studies were performed in a selected group of patients before and after transfer factor therapy. There was no blastogenic response of lymphocytes to the paramyxovirus antigens tested in MS patients and normal controls, as(More)
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