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Concerns regarding the long-term viability of threatened and endangered plant species are increasingly warranted given the potential impacts of climate change and habitat fragmentation on unstable and isolated populations. Orchidaceae is the largest and most diverse family of flowering plants, but it is currently facing unprecedented risks of extinction.(More)
OBJECTIVE We present the first reported case in the English language literature of an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of the right tonsil in a young, pregnant woman, and we report a management strategy for this enigmatic entity. CASE REPORT A 28-year-old, pregnant woman presented with a 10-day history of odynophagia despite a course of antibiotics.(More)
Cattle-fever tick (Boophilus microplus and B. annulatus) populations that develop acaricide resistance become more difficult to control or eradicate. We used a simulation model to assess the direct and indirect effects of interactions among season, habitat type, grazing strategy, and acaricide resistance on the ability to eradicate Boophilus infestations in(More)
It has often been claimed that photodynamic therapy (PDT) produces selective destruction of small cancers without affecting the adjacent normal tissue. The objective of our work was to treat small cancers of the oral cavity with PDT and subsequently excise the treated areas for histological studies of tumour and adjacent normal tissue exposed to the same(More)
Blood samples and testicular measurements were obtained from 4-8 captive adult collared peccaries monthly for 18 months and from wild adult males during summer (N = 16) and winter (N = 22) seasons. Serum concentrations of testosterone were determined by radioimmunoassay. Semen samples were collected monthly by electroejaculation from captive males for 1(More)
During the past 12000 years agricultural systems have transitioned from natural habitats to conventional agricultural regions and recently to large areas of genetically engineered (GE) croplands. This GE revolution occurred for cotton in a span of slightly more than a decade during which a switch occurred in major cotton production areas from growing 100%(More)
Rapid prototyped or three dimensional printed (3D printed) patient specific guides are of great use in many craniofacial and maxillofacial procedures and are extensively described in the literature. These guides are relatively easy to produce and cost effective. However existing designs are limited in that they are unable to be used in procedures requiring(More)
Photodynamic therapy of cancer exposes adjacent arteries to the risk of injury and the possibility of haemorrhage and thrombosis. The nature of photodynamic injury to normal arteries has not been satisfactorily defined, and the ability of arteries to recover with time is unclear. To clarify these issues, we have investigated the effects of PDT on rat(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for tumor ablation is effective in the treatment of superficial cancers. Adjunctive intraoperative PDT has been proposed for the "sterilization" of tumor beds after the resection of malignancies. Arteries in photosensitized animal models exposed to appropriate light receive characteristic injury. This study was conducted to(More)
Metabolic and hormonal responses of eight adult male collared peccaries (Tayassu tajacu) to an ad libitum diet intake, or 25% of an ad libitum intake, were examined. Blood samples for hematological, serum-biochemical and hormonal profiles were collected at three week intervals during the nine week experiment starting 4 August 1983. Males fed on the(More)