W E Crandall

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Guild (1932) stated the general requirements for processing signals in color vision system and a digital format of his paradigm is developed in this paper. The disk structure generates the digital receptor pulse. The input modalities form sets, linked by intersections, joins, and complement junctions. The synapses are elements in these junctions. Complex(More)
A three dimensional model of the cochlea is developed that pumps activated fluid through the tectorial gap of the organ of Corti. The activated fluid generates neural pulses at specific locations along the cochlear duct which are related to specific simple tonal inputs. A computer program, based on an electrical analog of the model, calculates matrices of(More)
A model of the cochlea is developed whereby the motion of the basilar membrane due to sound pressure in the scala media creates, through the pivotal motion of the pillars of Corti, modulated pressure on the fluid in the inner sulcus. This modulated pressure causes fluid to flow through the tectorial gap at selected longitudinal positions along the basilar(More)
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