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We have developed a procedure to detect patient motion during a tomographic acquisition. The method uses frame-to-frame cross-correlation functions of the summed profiles in the vertical and horizontal directions of the planar images. The quantitative output derived from examination of the variation of the change in the pixel value, corresponding to the(More)
This dissertation gives accurate and efficient methods for the object-order rendering of discrete objects. Discrete objects are typically represented with a volume raster and rendered with a volume rendering algorithm. However, current object-order volume rendering algorithms suffer from several problems. First, they require that the volume raster be(More)
The Department of Defense has a comprehensive program of coordinated R & D initiatives to improve software engineering tools and methods. One thrust of the program is to automate significant aspects of the software development and maintenance process. Another thrust is to increase the availability of software tools and to institutionalize the exchange(More)
Acknowledgements We wish to thank the following individuals for providing valuable direction and review of drafts: Thank you to everyone who reviewed the document and provided comments at the workshops or in writing. iv When a group of early implementers and I were planning our region's (and the nation's) fi rst conference on LID in 2000, many regional(More)
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