W. Duncan Wadsworth

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A hand-held, battery-powered Fourier transform infrared spectroradiometer weighing 12.5 kg has been developed for the field measurement of spectral radiance from the Earth's surface and atmosphere in the 3-5-µm and 8-14-µm atmospheric windows, with a 6-cm(-1) spectral resolution. Other versions of this instrument measure spectral radiance between 0.4 and 20(More)
Global climate change is predicted to alter the intensity and duration of droughts, but the effects of changing precipitation patterns on vegetation mortality are difficult to predict. Our objective was to determine whether prolonged drought or above-average precipitation altered the capacity to respond to the individual precipitation pulses that drive(More)
Alterations in the gut microbiota are correlated with ailments such as obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and diarrhea. Up to 60% of individuals traveling from industrialized to developing countries acquire a form of secretory diarrhea known as travelers' diarrhea (TD), and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) and norovirus (NoV) are the leading(More)
An Integrative Bayesian Dirichlet-Multinomial Regression Model for the Analysis of Taxonomic Abundances in Microbiome data by W.D. Wadsworth, R. Argiento, M. Guindani, J. Galloway-Pena, S.A. Shelbourne, and M. Vannucci. 1. Simulation study: comparison with other methods Figure ?? shows boxplots of the selection performance values over the 30 replicated(More)
Understanding longitudinal variability of the microbiome in ill patients is critical to moving microbiome-based measurements and therapeutics into clinical practice. However, the vast majority of data regarding microbiome stability are derived from healthy subjects. Herein, we sought to determine intra-patient temporal microbiota variability, the factors(More)
BACKGROUND Despite increasing data on the impact of the microbiome on cancer, the dynamics and role of the microbiome in infection during therapy for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) are unknown. Therefore, the authors sought to determine correlations between microbiome composition and infectious outcomes in patients with AML who were receiving induction(More)
Photonic crystal fibres (PCFs) can now be constructed exhibiting a wide range of dispersion profiles and nonlinearities, which have enabled the demonstration of many nonlinear optical phenomena. In our experiments, we have used a range of fibres with varying zero group velocity dispersion (GVD) points around the visible red pump wavelength. Upshifted(More)
The Human Microbiome has been variously associated with the immune-regulatory mechanisms involved in the prevention or development of many non-infectious human diseases such as autoimmunity, allergy and cancer. Integrative approaches which aim at associating the composition of the human microbiome with other available information, such as clinical(More)
We have developed an ultra-bright pair-photon source using four wave mixing in micro-structured fibres. This source can serve as a new universal source for quantum information experiments. Using photon pairs created by four-wave mixing, we demonstrate non-classical interference between two separated sources and preliminary evidence for entangled photon pair(More)
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