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Fabric and growth mode of deep-water isidid gorgonian skeletons showing bright Mg-calcitic internodes and dark proteinageous nodes were investigated on modern, subrecent and fossil skeletons. The internodial microstructure is characterised by three-dimensionally interfingering calcitic fascicles accreting around a central axis. Macroscopic colour banding(More)
The island of Kikai-jima (central Ryukyu Islands, Japan) provides a rare opportunity to define both environmental and biological variations within a reef ecosystem over a geological time frame. This paper documents the palaeo-environmental records archived in the δ18O composition of four Holocene Porites cores collected from the raised reef terraces of(More)
Coral reefs are biologically diverse ecosystems threatened with effective collapse under rapid climate change, in particular by recent increases in ocean temperatures. Coral bleaching has occurred during major El Niño warming events, at times leading to the die-off of entire coral reefs. Here we present records of stable isotopic composition, Sr/Ca ratios(More)
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