W. Dou

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O1 hybridoma cells, which secrete an IgM antigalactocerebroside, were implanted into the spinal cord of cyclosporine-treated juvenile or adult rats, and the animals were sacrificed approximately 2-3 wk later. About half the recipient animals developed myelin lesions. In some, sharply circumscribed foci of demyelination formed within the dorsal columns.(More)
It was shown previously (Rosenbluth et al.: J. Neurosci. 16:2635-2641, 1996) that implantation of hybridoma cells that produce an IgM antigalactocerebroside into the spinal cord of young rats results in the development of myelin sheaths with a repeat period approximately 2-3x normal, similar to the abnormal peripheral myelin sheaths seen in human IgM(More)
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