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The nucleus intercollicularis in quail is implicated in the control of a number of vocalizations. It is also a target structure for steroids and includes high numbers of cells containing androgen and estrogen receptors. We recently demonstrated that in another steroid target, the medial preoptic nucleus, the effects of testosterone are paralleled by(More)
The Prospective Payment System uses Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG) as a reimbursement system. DRG 202 is a disease-related group including liver cirrhosis as a whole. Patients referring to the inpatient unit complain of variable severity and complications of cirrhosis, possibly implying different expenditure of resources. Aim of the investigation was to(More)
Adenine arabinoside monophosphate (ara-AMP) is a potent antiviral agent against hepadnaviruses but its use in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B is hampered by severe neurotoxic side effects, which are dose dependent. In order to reduce these adverse reactions and to adopt the lysosomotropic approach to antiviral chemotherapy, ara-AMP was coupled to(More)
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