W D Ward

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Categorical perception was investigated in a series of experiments on the perception of melodic musical intervals (sequential frequency ratios). When procedures equivalent to those typically used in speech-perception experiments were employed, i.e., determination of identification and discrimination functions for stimuli separated by equal physical(More)
We examined the role of subject verbalization in the generalization of verbal-nonverbal correspondence. Twelve kindergarten children underwent correspondence training (subject verbalization) or received reinforcement for performing an experimenter-selected behavior (experimenter verbalization). A reversal design, along with the introduction of a multiple(More)
Chinchillas rendered hyperlipidemic by a 1% cholesterol diet or maintained on a normal diet were either exposed to a 2-octave bandpass noise (700-2,800 Hz for 220 min at 105 or 114 dB) or else not exposed to noise. The animals were assessed with tone-burst (2-16 kHz) elicited compound action potentials (CAP). Compared with normal diet animals, the(More)
Exposure of chinchillas to noise that is continuous results in auditory damage that is a function of the total energy of the exposure, provided that a critical exposure is not exceeded. Breaking a continuous exposure into 45 exposure periods given once a day Monday through Friday for 9 weeks (an interrupted exposure) is shown to result in a slight reduction(More)
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