W. D. Smith

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| We give deterministic and randomized algorithms to nd a Euclidean traveling salesman tour (TST) of length within (1 + 1=s) times optimal. They run in O(N log N) time and O(N) space for constant dimension and s. These time and space bounds are optimal in an algebraic computation tree model. We can also nd a (1 + 1=s) times optimal length 2-matching (M2M),(More)
  • N J A Sloane, A E Brouwer, J B Shearer, W D Smith
  • 1989
1. Two fundamental questions in coding theory Two of the most basic questions in coding theory are: (i) what is A(n,d), the maximal number of binary vectors of length n with Hamming distance d apart?, and (ii) what is A(n,d,w), the maximal number of binary vectors of length n, Hamming distance d apart, and where each vector contains precisely w ones? The(More)
(Equation (4)) and I Sil i via T Sil (Equation (5)) is demonstrated, as well as the ability to generate several frames per second of line art drawings in various styles. The video segments include: A recording of the wavy torus with three stroke styles, along isoparametric directions, along lines of curvature, and along silhouette lines. See Figure 3. The(More)
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