W. D. Potter

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Although latex remains the primary material for male condoms, a number of condoms made from synthetic materials have appeared in commercial markets in recent years. Published data on the safety and efficacy of these condoms is still limited, but nevertheless synthetic condoms do offer the user a wider choice and may encourage greater use of condoms for(More)
An Intelligent Information System (IIS) is viewed as composed of a unified knowledge base, database, and model base. This allows an IIS to provide responses to user queries regardless of whether the query process involves a data retrieval, an inference, a computational method, a problem solving module, or some combination of these. NED-2 is a full-featured(More)
The Snake-in-the-Box problem finds its roots in graph theory and computer science with applications in electrical engineering, coding theory, analog-to-digital conversion, disjunctive normal form simplification, electronic combination locking, and computer network topologies. This fascinating problem has puzzled scholars for over 50 years, but research has(More)
13 seconds. In future work, we intend to try multiple runs, or several populations with inter-population crossovers, and to randomize selection as well as crossover and mutation. It is certainly possible that our local improvement operator, applying the DAGparsimonious algorithm at every stage, is detrimental, or that better local improvement can be done.(More)
In an attempt to better define the mechanisms of barotrauma, middle and inner ear pathology was studied in guinea pigs three weeks following exposure to a brief, sudden middle ear pressure change. Findings included tympanic membrane perforations (particularly dependent upon high negative pressure exposures), vascular hemorrhage (primarily dependent upon(More)