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This paper reports on four microcontroller-based courses developed at the University of Georgia for a broad multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate student body. The courses are Introduction to Robotics, Embedded Systems, Introduction to Microcontrollers, and Advanced Microcontrollers. These courses which are taught in a hands-on manner equip students(More)
An Intelligent Information System (IIS) is viewed as composed of a unified knowledge base, database, and model base. This allows an IIS to provide responses to user queries regardless of whether the query process involves a data retrieval, an inference, a computational method, a problem solving module, or some combination of these. NED-2 is a full-featured(More)
The Snake-in-the-Box problem finds its roots in graph theory and computer science with applications in electrical engineering, coding theory, analog-to-digital conversion, disjunctive normal form simplification, electronic combination locking, and computer network topologies. This fascinating problem has puzzled scholars for over 50 years, but research has(More)
Given the rich history of classical music as a Western art form, relatively little has been written about the art of conducting. There are increasing numbers of pedagogical texts, as international conductors record their thoughts regarding the art. Some of these texts are autobiographical, some are how-to-guides, and some are a mixture of both. The vast(More)
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