W. D. Keidel

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Muscular vibrations were recorded from different relaxed and contracted skeletal muscles in human subjects, with the use of a piezo-electric device. Simultaneous wire-EMG recordings were performed. Spectral analysis of the acceleration curves (vibromyograms) disclosed muscle and function dependent compound frequency patterns. We suggest that the activity of(More)
1. The influence of various intensities and frequencies of vibratory stimuli applied to the human skin on the amplitude of the cortical slow evoked potentials was studied by means of an averaging computer CAT 1024. 2. The intensity-functions revealed experimentally follow the power-function of Plateau and Stevens, which holds, too, for the(More)
By means of an electronic averaging technique, it is possible to measure the evoked responses to acoustic stimuli on the outside of the human scalp, in spite of a signal-to-noise ratio of about 1∶20. The normal information flow gathered in the periphery by all sense organs, is reduced nearly for 10−7 on its way to higher storage centres. This diminution is(More)