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Models for strategic priority setting in public health and health services research typically lack coherence or omit key considerations. We propose a new model, the Seven 'I's, with seven components: innovation, identification, inequalities, incorporation, importance, influences, and interventions. It tests the 'relevance' of research, while 'excellence'(More)
In order to articulate a view of chemical carcinogenesis that scientists generally hold in common today and to draw upon this understanding to compose guiding principles that can be used as a bases for the efforts of the regulatory agencies to establish guidelines for assessing carcinogenic risk to meet the specific requirements of the legislative acts they(More)
During the last two decades there has been a resurgence of arguments against physicalism and for varieties of metaphysical dualism. The conclusion of these arguments is that phenomenal consciousness is absent from a world that is purely physical. Many contemporary philosophers of mind have found some of these arguments to be persuasive and have opted for(More)
Planning, estimating, and building a telescope and its enclosure within a budget is a challenge to any project staa. The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) project ooce goal has been to break every phase of the project into small packages and competitively bid the packages. In this way the project ooce can minimize costs and keep the project budget from(More)
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