W D Hammonds

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The Page kidney is a recognized cause of hypertension. A massive subcapsular hematoma caused by a lumbar sympathetic nerve block resulted in a Page kidney. To our knowledge, this sequence has not been reported. Small hematomas may be treated conservatively, but massive subcapsular hematomas should be decompressed when the patient is clinically stable.(More)
A double-blind, parallel study was conducted to evaluate the analgesic effect and safety of a single 25 mg oral dose of picenadol, a centrally acting analgesic, and to compare it with a 60 mg dose of codeine and a placebo in patients with postoperative pain. Two sites using similar protocols enrolled a total of 178 inpatients with postoperative pain. Pain(More)
Twenty patients with chronic low back pain received 12 lumbar sympathetic injections, in a series of 6 with bupivacaine and a series of 6 with saline. Changes in subjective pain intensity, EMG from paravertebral muscles, joint ranges of mobility, and daily activity levels were measured at multiple intervals throughout treatment and at 3 monthly follow-up(More)
Thirteen patients with interstitial cystitis (IC), whose predominant symptom was pelvic or urethral pain, were treated with a series of lumbar epidural local anaesthetic blocks over an 18-month period. Response was evaluated by interview and with voiding diaries and visual analogue scales (VAS) for pain. Of the 55 injections given, immediate pain relief(More)
A group of 61 patients with problems of chronic pain were managed though a rehabilitation program based on the principles of operant conditioning. Of these patients, 35 were receiving compensation for work-related accidents, and 26 were receiving no financial compensation for their chronic pain. Of the patients not receiving compensation, 69% (18) made(More)