W-D Gerber

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The acoustically evoked cortical potentials of 20 migraine patients were investigated using a combined conditioning-testing and oddball paradigm. The short- and long-term habituation results of the P50 and P300 waves were compared with 16 healthy subjects. Migraineurs were characterized by a sensory gating deficit of the P50 wave (reduced short-term(More)
Increased negative amplitudes and lack of habituation of contingent negative variation (CNV) in migraine are well established and are supposed to reflect an altered cortical excitability level. Migraine attacks occur less during pregnancy but often relapse after delivery. We investigated the effect of pregnancy on slow cortical potentials and reaction time(More)
BACKGROUND Duration of a migraine disease and hypervigilance are factors which possibly enable the transformation from episodic into chronic migraine. To elucidate this assumption, attentional parameters were measured by recording contingent negative variation (CNV) and correlated with the individual duration of migraine disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS A(More)
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