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The controversy regarding the effects of mild hypoxia on learning performance needs to be resolved, since this may be affecting flight operations and safety. This study examined the ability to learn new tasks at low altitudes. Naive subjects (n = 144) performed spatial orientation (Manikin), serial choice reaction time (SCRT) and logical reasoning(More)
The standing steadiness and postural tremor of seven male volunteers were examined during slow and rapid induction of hypoxia. Spectrum analysis of position coordinates and tremor data generated from a quartz multicomponent force measuring platform and a tremor transducer showed that postural tremor (pt) and anteroposterior sway (ay) increased significantly(More)
Positive pressure breathing (PPB) is a survival system that delivers high-pressure oxygen and body counterpressure in the event of cockpit depressurization at high altitude, but the ability of aircrew to perform an emergency "get-me-down" maneuver with this system is unknown. To address this question, a serial choice reaction time (RT) task was administered(More)
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