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The Axin(Fu) mutation is caused by an IAP insertion. In a small percentage of mice, the Axin(Fu) mutation disappears and is not observed in the next generation. In these mice, [Axin(Fu)]/+, the IAP is absent and Axin(Fu) has reverted to the wild allele. Concomitantly with the loss of IAP, there is widespread reorganisation of numerous microsatellite loci(More)
AxinFu is a mutation in mice that causes fused tails and other developmental abnormalities as a result of insertion of an intracisternal-A particle (IAP), a murine retrotransposon, into intron 6. In a small percentage of offspring we found that the mutant allele reverts to wild-type through loss of the insertion with concomitant disappearance of the mutant(More)
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