W. D. Flanders

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Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), a flame-retardant material, was introduced into the food chain in Michigan in 1973 due to a manufacturing and distribution mistake. Following public concern about the long-term health effects of PBB in humans, a cohort of PBB-exposed Michigan residents was assembled in 1975. We initiated this study to determine the half-life(More)
The identification of DNA polymorphisms makes it possible to classify trisomy 21 according to the parental origin and stage (meiosis I [MI], meiosis II [MII], or postzygotic mitotic) of the chromosomal error. Studying the effect of parental age on these subgroups could shed light on parental exposures and their timing. From 1989 through 1993, 170 infants(More)
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) in workers exposed to metal removal fluids (MRFs) is increasing. This study supports the hypothesis that aerosolized mycobacteria colonizing the MRFs likely cause the disease. Three case studies of HP outbreaks among metal workers showed potentially high exposures to a rare and newly proposed Mycobacterium species.(More)
A consistent predictor of a woman's risk for breast cancer is a family history of the disease. Most studies of family history and breast cancer have used the number of affected relatives in the family to calculate relative risk, but they have not considered the heterogeneity of the familial risk for breast cancer in a systematic way. With the use of data(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide is a serious risk factor in major depressive disorder. Paradoxical emergence of suicidal ideation or behavior during antidepressant treatment has been reported in isolated cases. An evaluation was undertaken to assess the risk of suicidality during treatment with fluvoxamine, a serotonin selective reuptake inhibitor. METHOD(More)
Analyzing two simple experimental situations we show that from Newton's law of gravitation and Special Relativity it follows that the motion of particle in an external gravitational field can be described in terms of effective spatial fields which satisfy Maxwell-like system of equations and propagate with the speed of light. The description is adequate in(More)
This study investigated the relationship between combat exposure and adult antisocial behavior in a sample of 2,490 male Army veterans of the Vietnam War who completed questionnaires about their psychological functioning. After adjustment for history of childhood behavior problems, posttraumatic stress disorder diagnosis, and demographic and military(More)
We show that a Maxwell-like system of equations for spatial gravitational fields g and B (latter being the analogy of a magnetic field), modified to include an extra term for the B field in the expression for force, leads to the correct values for the photon deflection angle and for the precession of the periastron.
Recall bias or report bias is said to occur when associations are distorted or created because case informants report events differently from controls. Some investigators have suggested that this bias can be prevented by choosing controls who have conditions similar to those found in the case group. We use the term "restricted-control group" for such a(More)
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