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In 2 experiments, bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) judged the ordinal relationship between novel numerosities. The dolphins were first trained to choose the exemplar with the fewer number of items when presented with just a few specific comparisons (e.g., 2 vs. 6, 1 vs. 3, and 3 vs. 7). Generalization of this rule was then tested by presenting the(More)
Vocal learning is relatively common in birds but less so in mammals. Sexual selection and individual or group recognition have been identified as major forces in its evolution. While important in the development of vocal displays, vocal learning also allows signal copying in social interactions. Such copying can function in addressing or labelling selected(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It's been quite a long journey through different undergraduate institutions, time off in the work force, and combining two majors to finally finish my bachelors degree. I thank my family for suffering through it all alongside me, and all the while giving constant encouragement and support for my decisions.
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