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Dinoflagellates in the genus Gambierdiscus produce toxins that bioaccumulate in tropical and sub-tropical fishes causing ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP). Little is known about the diversity and distribution of Gambierdiscus species, the degree to which individual species vary in toxicity, and the role each plays in causing CFP. This paper presents the first(More)
Ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) is a serious health problem in tropical regions and is caused by the bioaccumulation of lipophilic toxins produced by dinoflagellates in the genus Gambierdiscus. Gambierdiscus species are morphologically similar and are difficult to distinguish from one another even when using scanning electron microscopy. Improved(More)
The confusion test examines ankle dorsiflexion in patients with cerebral palsy. Orthopedists have related this test to swing-phase activity of the tibialis anterior, and have used it as a prerequisite for tendon transfer. To determine the validity of this assumption, ankle dorsiflexion was tested in 47 normal children. Forty-seven percent had a positive,(More)
Role of metabolism in K-induced tension changes in guinea pig taenia coli. I g65.-Further insight into the underlying mechanism(s) of the K-induced phasic and tonic contractions of the taenia coli of the guinea pig was obtained by examining the effects of various metabolic intermedi-ates, inhibitors of metabolism and active transport, on these responses.(More)