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The confusion test examines ankle dorsiflexion in patients with cerebral palsy. Orthopedists have related this test to swing-phase activity of the tibialis anterior, and have used it as a prerequisite for tendon transfer. To determine the validity of this assumption, ankle dorsiflexion was tested in 47 normal children. Forty-seven percent had a positive,(More)
BACKGROUND Ciguatera is a circumtropical disease produced by polyether sodium channel toxins (ciguatoxins) that enter the marine food chain and accumulate in otherwise edible fish. Ciguatoxins, as well as potent water-soluble polyethers known as maitotoxins, are produced by certain dinoflagellate species in the genus Gambierdiscus and Fukuyoa spp. in the(More)
Ciguatera fish poisoning is an illness suffered by > 50,000 people yearly after consumption of fish containing ciguatoxins (CTXs). One of the current methodologies to detect ciguatoxins in fish is a radiolabeled receptor binding assay (RBA(R)). However, the license requirements and regulations pertaining to radioisotope utilization can limit the(More)
A partially ordered set (X, is called sharply transitive if its automorphism group is sharply transitive on X, that is, it is transitive and the stabilizer of every element is triviaL It is shown that every free group is the automorphism group of a sharply transitive partially ordered set. It is also shown that there exists a sharply transitive partially(More)
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