W. Carlisle Thacker

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—Some applications in remote sensing require estimating a field containing a discontinuity whose exact location is a priori unknown. Such fields of interest include sea surface temperature in oceanography and soil moisture in hydrology. For the former, oceanic fronts form a temperature discontinuity, while in the latter sharp changes exist across the(More)
he ocean is changing vigorously on a wide range of time and space scales. This variability leads to substantial problems in observing and mod-eling (simulating) the rapidly changing flow field, the ocean's temperature distribution, and more generally the consequences of those changes on a wide variety of scientific, military, and societal problems,(More)
The authors introduce a three-parameter characterization of the wind speed dependence of the drag coefficient and apply a Bayesian formalism to infer values for these parameters from airborne expendable bathythermograph (AXBT) temperature data obtained during Typhoon Fanapi. One parameter is a multi-plicative factor that amplifies or attenuates the drag(More)
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