W C Trier

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The most obvious deformity in a unilateral cleft of the lip is asymmetry of the lip and nose. Operation must repair the cleft, lengthen the lip, restore muscle continuity, and create an adequate labial sulcus. Simultaneous correction of the nasal deformity should be carried out to the greatest extent possible at the same time. The rotation-advancement(More)
Each of two adolescents with velopharyngeal closure deficits was taught to position him or herself on an endoscope attached to a television camera and to observe the velopharyngeal port during the production of syllables and other units. The videoendoscope was then used as a training apparatus, and each subject was given practice attempting to increase(More)
The development and use of frontal and base-view fluorography have increased the value of cinefluorography in the evaluation of velopharyngeal closure. This paper discusses problems in the fluorographic examination of the closure mechanism, the need for other measures of velopharyngeal closure, and the validation of closure measures. Reliability data are(More)
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