W. C. Sturtridge

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The authors report a case of pituitary apoplexy resulting in bilateral internal carotid artery occlusion, with marked depression of consciousness and hemiplegia. After transsphenoidal tumor decompression, restoration of flow in both carotid arteries was documented angiographically and the patient made an excellent clinical recovery. The unique aspect of(More)
We report on 61 women with postmenopausal osteoporosis who were treated with either plain sodium fluoride (NaF) capsules or enteric-coated NaF tablets for 4 years, in whom possible therapeutic and toxic effects were monitored. In these patients there was a mean increase in axial bone mineral mass, assessed by neutron activation analysis, of 26.2% +/- 2.4%(More)
Bone cells derived from human trabecular explants display osteoblastic features. We examined the modulation of alkaline phosphatase activity and cAMP production as the result of exposing trabecular explants to physiologic concentrations of dexamethasone for 4 weeks during cellular outgrowth and subculture. Cells treated with dexamethasone were observed to(More)
Long-term anticonvulsant drug therapy may lead to abnormalities of calcium metabolism resulting in osteomalacia. The prevalence and severity of altered calcium metabolism was studied in an adult outpatient population of persons with epilepsy receiving anticonvulsant therapy for a minimum of 2 years. Assessment of calcium metabolism was based on serum(More)
In this study, 50 thalassemia patients were tested using dualenergy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and in vivo neutron activation analysis (IVNAA) to determine their bone mineral status. Both techniques were suitable for this purpose. Lower age was found to correspond to lower liver iron content and higher bone mineral content in the normal range. Patients(More)
The effect of inhibiting protein synthesis on concentrations of corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) in rat brain and plasma adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) was assessed following the administration of the general protein synthesis inhibitor anisomycin. Compared with vehicle-injected controls, protein synthesis inhibition resulted in significantly reduced CRF(More)
Forty-one women with idiopathic postmenopausal osteoporosis have been followed for 2 years after initiation of sodium fluoride at 40-50 mg/day, given together with a daily calcium supplement of 1 gram and vitamin D2, at 50,000 IU weekly. Histological and histomorphometric analyses were done on bone biopsies taken prior to and after 1 year of treatment (mean(More)