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T. Kondoh1
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1T. Kondoh
1E. E. Concepcion
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Recent animal experiments suggest that transplanted neurons become integrated with the host brain. Neuroanatomical studies have shown that transplanted dopaminergic neurons can form synaptic connections on target cells in the host striatum. Other studies also have shown that grafted neurons not only innervate the host striatum but also receive afferent(More)
The retrosplenial cortex (RSC) receives extensive cholinergic afferents from the medial septal nucleus /3/. Our earlier studies have demonstrated that this cholinergic input traverses the fornix pathway in addition to the cingulum pathway and innervates the RSC in a highly laminated pattern. In the present report we have studied whether the pattern of(More)
Recent studies utilizing a neurotoxic model of Huntington's disease (HD) in rodents have demonstrated locomotor abnormalities following unilateral lesions of the striatum. The behavioral abnormalities are manifested as an asymmetric rotation ipsilateral to the side of the lesion following apomorphine administration. The current study provides evidence for(More)
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