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This study reviews our experience in 83 cases of brain abscesses in children diagnosed at seven teaching hospitals during the 10-year period from June 1978 to July 1987. The average age of the patients was 7 years, with 12% of them less than 1 year old. The male-to-female ratio was 1.7:1. Of the brain abscesses, 90.4% were detected by CT brain scan. A total(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the correlation between improvement of shoulder motion and shoulder joint space capacity determinated by arthrography. DESIGN Case series. SETTING General community hospital. PATIENTS Twelve patients with clinically diagnosed frozen shoulder without rotator cuff tear. All subjects were divided as "primary" and "secondary" according(More)
BACKGROUND Iliopsoas compartment lesion frequently goes undiagnosed at clinical presentation. Therefore, even delayed diagnosis may depend on radiographic techniques. Computed tomography (CT) can play an important role in the identification and localization of these lesions. This report concerns the experience of using CT to evaluate the iliopsoas(More)
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