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In this paper we examine the use of the key informant methodology by researchers investigating interorganizational relationships. To increase the reliability of informant reports, the use of multiple informants has often been advocated. However, interorganizational research still tends to rely on single informants. Here, we investigate issues having to do(More)
Constructing scientifically sound samples of hard-to-reach populations, also known as hidden populations, is a challenge for many research projects. Traditional sample survey methods, such as random sampling from telephone or mailing lists, can yield low numbers of eligible respondents while non-probability sampling introduces unknown biases. The authors(More)
A graft-vs.-host (GVH) reaction was initiated by the intravenous injection of parental strain (AO) lymphocytes into irradiated (AO times HO)F1 or (AO times DA)F1 hybrids. The proportion of donor T cells which had responded to the F1 hybrid antigens within 24 h was estimated by two methods. (a) Donor lymphocytes were labeled with [3H]uridine in vitro before(More)
A systemic graft-vs.-host (GVH) reaction was initiated by the intravenous injection of parental strain thoracic duct lymphocytes (TDL) into irradiated F1 hybrid recipients with in-dwelling thoracic duct cannulae. The migration of the donor lymphocytes was followed by labeling them in vitro with either [3H] or [14C]uridine and measuring radioactivity by(More)
The authors of the World Health Organization Semen Analysis Manual are to be congratulated on producing a new edition; it is an essential tool to disseminate good practice in andrology. However, the tests described have poor prognostic power to predict a man's fertility and show little about the underlying causes of sub-fertility. This commentary urges a(More)
6-chloro-6-deoxyglucose (24 mg/kg/day) produces infertility in male rats and marmosets. In the present study very high doses (480 mg/kg/day) were found not to impair the fertility of male mice. However, such doses induced the formation of vacuolated lesions in specific regions of central nervous system grey matter causing varying degrees of physical(More)
1. COMPUTATIONAL PHYSIOLOGY, SPATIAL REALISM, AND PARALLEL COMPUTING Recent technological advances have changed biology from a largely data-limited, qualitative science to one of increasing quantitation that spans wide ranges of space and time. This transition creates two important downstream needs, the first aimed at large-scale data storage and analysis(More)