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Recent findings suggest that consolidation of emotional memories is influenced by menstrual phase in women. In contrast to other phases, in the mid-luteal phase when progesterone levels are elevated, cortisol levels are increased and correlated with emotional memory. This study examined the impact of progesterone on cortisol and memory consolidation of(More)
This study examined sex differences in the emotional memory consolidation, and the impact of stress-induced cortisol and salivary alpha amylase responses on emotional memory recall. Following baseline salivary measures, 39 healthy women and 41 men viewed 20 neutral and 20 negative arousing images, and then underwent either a cold pressor stress test or(More)
JPEG is an international standard for still image compression [l]. The P E G baseline algorithm allows users to supply the custom quantization table and Huffman table to control the compression ratio and the quality of the encoded image. Methods for determining the quantization matrix are usually based on i) rate-distortion theory [2,8] and ii) spatial(More)
This paper proposes new integer approximations of the lapped transforms, called the integer lapped transforms (ILT), and studies their applications to image coding. The ILT are derived from a set of orthogonal sinusoidal transforms having short integer coefficients, which can be implemented with simple integer arithmetic. By employing the same scaling(More)
AIM To evaluate radiographically the technical quality of root fillings performed by undergraduate dental students and to assess whether students were exposed to an appropriate endodontic case mix during their clinical training. METHODOLOGY A retrospective audit was undertaken evaluating the clinical records of patients who underwent endodontic procedures(More)
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