W. C. Cheng

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This study is dedicated to propose a cluster analysis algorithm which is integration of artificial immune network (aiNet) and K-means algorithm (aiNetK). Four benchmark data sets, Iris, Wine, Glass, and Breast Cancer, are employed to testify the proposed algorithm. The computational results reveal that aiNetK is superior to particle swam optimization and(More)
This paper introduces the latest updates of a platform named ISEE (Internet-based Simulation for Earthquake Engineering) and its application on a Taiwan-Canada transnational collaborative pseudo-dynamic experiment of a multiple-span bridge system. Three reduce-scale Double-Skinned Concrete-Filled Tube (DSCFT) pier specimens are located at laboratories at(More)
Image Inpainting is technique in which mainly used to filling the region which are damaged and want to recover from unwanted object by collecting the information from the neighbouring pixels. Image inpainting technique has been widely used for reconstructing damaged old photographs and removing unwanted objects from images. In this paper, we present an(More)
Inpainting algorithm is used to fill missing information in an image. This paper proposes modified fast and enhanced exemplar based inpainting algorithm for solving unknown row filling problem. This technique is modification in updating criteria in fast and enhanced exemplar based inpainting algorithm. Our experimental results show that proposed scheme(More)
  • Kaushikkumar R. Patel, Lalit Jain, Ankurkumar G. Patel, Liu Kui, Tan Jieqing, Su Benyue quot +10 others
  • 2016
Inpainting also known as retouching is the process by which we try to fill in the damaged or missing portions of an image in such a way that it is unable for the person seeing the image to find the fault within the image. Digital Image In painting, a relatively young research area is an art of filling in the missing or corrupted regions in an image using(More)
Taiwan is an area where chronic hepatitis is endemic. Liver cancer is so common that it has been ranked first among cancer mortality rates since the early 1980s in Taiwan. Besides, liver cirrhosis and chronic liver diseases are the sixth or seventh in the causes of death. Therefore, as shown by the active research on hepatitis, it is not only a health(More)
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