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Transgenic mice with a lambda shuttle vector containing a lacI target gene were generated for use as a short-term, in vivo mutagenesis assay. The gene is recovered from the treated mice by exposing mouse genomic DNA to in vitro packaging extracts and plating the rescued phage on agar plates containing 5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl beta-D-galactopyranoside(More)
A short term, in vivo mutagenesis assay has been developed utilizing a lacl target gene contained within a lambda ZAP shuttle vector which has been incorporated into transgenic mice. Following chemical exposure, the target gene was recovered from mouse genomic DNA by mixing the DNA with in vitro lambda phage packaging extract. Mutations within the lacl(More)
Scholars, politicians, parties, and the U.S. Supreme Court argue that restricting the set of eligible voters for a primary election affects the nature of representation voters receive from elected officials. Evidence supporting this argument is elusive because the same elected officials are often responsible for determining the type of primary election(More)
Political scientists have long been interested in citizens’ support level for such actors as ethnic minorities, militant groups, and authoritarian regimes. Attempts to use direct questioning in surveys, however, have largely yielded unreliable measures of these attitudes as they are contaminated by social desirability bias and high nonresponse rates. In(More)
A longstanding research tradition on political culture argues that greater support for core liberal values leads to a rejection of destructive political activities and reduced support for violent politics. In this vein, many contemporary analysts of security policy contend that a lack of democratic values in the Middle East promotes the development of(More)