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Some profoundly deafened patients, who cannot be helped by sound amplification, claim to perceive auditory sensations when alternating currents up to 100 Hz are passed through electrodes applied to the skin of the external ear canal. A portable speech processor has been developed which supplies this current. The signal is a balanced square wave, the(More)
The postauricular (12 msec latency) response to a loud click stimulation was investigated in 23 patients with facial nerve palsy. Of these patients 21 had an intracranial cause for the facial palsy and 2 had an extracranial cause. Only in those with the extracranial facial nerve damage could the response be obtained from both sides. When the nerve was(More)
A case of a 44 year-old woman farmer with a total deafness and lack of vestibular function on the left side operated upon the cerebello-pontine cystic neuroma 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.5 cm large via the retromastoidal craniectomy is presented. Despite of the negative audiological tests' results the cochlear nerve flatten on the tumor was cautiously separated. Some(More)
The reported investigations were carried out in 3424 men working in large industrial plants of the City of Wrocław and 222 men with strokes treated in the Department of Neurology, Medical Academy in Wrocław. The frequency of such risk factors was determined as obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, smoking, carbohydrate metabolism disturbances. A(More)
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