W. Blake Holloway

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Bacterial Pth1 is essential for viability. Pth1 cleaves the ester bond between the peptide and nucleotide of peptidyl-tRNA generated from aborted translation, expression of mini-genes, and short ORFs. We have determined the shape of the Pth1:peptidyl-tRNA complex using small angle neutron scattering. Binding of piperonylpiperazine, a small molecule(More)
Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolases (Pths) play ancillary yet essential roles in protein biosynthesis by recycling peptidyl-tRNA. In E. coli, inhibition of bacterial Pth1 leads to accumulation of peptidyl-tRNA, depletion of aminoacyl-tRNA, and cell death. Eukaryotes have multiple Pths and Pth1 knock out was shown to have no effect on viability in yeast. Thereby,(More)
Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase 1 cleaves the ester bond of peptidyl-tRNA thereby recycling peptidyl-tRNAs generated from premature termination of translation and expression of minigenes and short ORFs. Bacterial Pth1 is essential, highly conserved, and has no essential eukaryotic homolog making it a good target for antibacterial development. Herein we describe the(More)
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