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In order to learn more about stretch reflex behaviour of triceps surae, normal human subjects sat in a chair with one foot on a platform attached to a torque motor that produced phasic dorsiflexion displacements on the ankle. EMG activity was recorded from triceps surae and responses were obtained for various conditions. When the subjects's foot was(More)
Electromyographic responses of triceps surae to dorsiflexion stretch were studied in 47 patients with a variety of lesions producing an upper motor neuron syndrome. The short latency spinal reflexes, both when the patient was at rest and when he was exerting a voluntary plantarflexion, were frequently enhanced in magnitude and the rate of increase with(More)
We reviewed autopsies of neonates who had died of meningitis. Plexitis and ventricular exudate were usually present. While the pathogenetic relationship between these two phenomena is uncertain, it is possible that the glycogen-rich choroid plexus of the lateral ventricles not only facilitates local bacterial growth but also acts as a bacterial reservoir(More)
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