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This paper describes an alternative approach to measuring the self that directly accounts for the way individuals ruminate on their external actions in order to inform and maintain their self-image. This was achieved by designing the Relational Self-Concept Scale (RSCS), a measure that explores the role and impact that different social encounters within and(More)
In order to test the hypothesis that monolinguals differ from bilinguals in their pattern of language lateralisation and to examine the relative merits of language-acquisitional versus language-specific factors, two experiments involving divided screen presentation of two languages were conducted using Welsh/English speaking participants. In the first(More)
Net gains in Welsh speakers as a result of education in South-east Wales are examined to see if there is any basis for connecting them with disadvantage to education in English-medium schools. The question whether the gains cannot be sustained after the time of full time schooling is examined. Very consistent gender differences occur in all age groups.(More)
BACKGROUND The relative length of the second and fourth fingers (2D:4D) may be a sex-linked correlate of prenatal androgen exposure. However, the nature of the sex-linkage is controversial, with evidence for both X- and Y-linkage of the 2D:4D phenotype. AIMS To examine transgenerational effects relating to sex-linkage. In addition, assortative mating on(More)
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