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This paper describes a collaborative exercise intended to demonstrate whether uniformity of DNA profiling results could be achieved between European laboratories using short tandem repeat (STR) loci. Two different STRs were chosen--HUMTH01 and the AT-rich HUMACTBP2 (SE33). The former locus has only five common alleles, whereas the latter is complex and has(More)
Using “new” techniques (malic acid thin layer agarose gel electrophoresis and/or isoelectric focusing), the polymorphism of the human red cell isozyme system esterase D (ESD) was shown to be extended. We report the gene frequencies observed among 312 unrelated Caucasian individuals living in the Düsseldorf area. The finding of a “new” allele at the ESD(More)
The European DNA Profiling Group (EDNAP) has previously carried out collaborative exercises to determine which STR systems will produce results that can be reproduced by different laboratories. The first EDNAP exercise involving STR systems focused on different types of loci: a simple locus with six common alleles (HUMTH01) and a complex locus with > 35(More)
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