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—To deal with pattern synthesis of antenna arrays, a chaotic particle swarm optimization (CPSO) is presented to avoid the premature convergence. By fusing with the ergodic and stochastic chaos, the novel algorithm explores the global optimum with the comprehensive learning strategy. The chaotic searching region can be adjusted adaptively. To evaluate the(More)
—In this paper, synthesis of unequally spaced linear antenna arrays based on an inheritance learning particle swarm optimization (ILPSO) is presented. In order to improve the optimization efficiency of the PSO algorithm, we propose an inheritance learning strategy that can be applied to different topology of different PSO algorithms. In ILPSO algorithm,(More)
—It is generally believed genetic algorithm (GA) is superior to particle swarm optimization (PSO) while dealing with the discrete optimization problems. In this paper, a suitable mapping method is adopted and the modified PSO can effectively deal with the discrete optimization problems of linear array pattern synthesis. This strategy has been applied in(More)
As a way to circumvent the quantum no-cloning theorem, approximate quantum cloning protocols have received wide attention with remarkable applications. Copying of quantum states to memory qubits provides an important strategy for eavesdropping in quantum cryptography. We report an experiment that realizes cloning of quantum states from an electron spin to a(More)
Dietary supplementation with conventional linted cottonseed hulls (LCSH) is a common practice in livestock production all over the world. However, supplementation with mechanically delinted cottonseed hulls (DCSH) and cottonseed linter residue (CLR) is uncommon. Cottonseed by-products, including LCSH, DCSH and CLR, were assessed by chemical analysis, an in(More)
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