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The pair (GH , ·) is called a special loop if (G, ·) is a loop with an arbitrary subloop (H, ·) called its special subloop. A special loop (GH , ·) is called a second Smarandache Bol loop (S 2 nd BL) if and only if it obeys the second Smarandache Bol identity (xs · z)s = x(sz · s) for all x, z in G and s in H. The popularly known and well studied class of(More)
In this paper we analyze and study the Smarandache idempotents (S-idempotents) in the ring Zn and in the group ring ZnG of a finite group G over the finite ring Zn. We have shown the existance of Smarandache idempotents (S-idempotents) in the ring Zn when n = 2 m p (or 3p), where p is a prime > 2 (or p a prime > 3). Also we have shown the existance of(More)
The study of zero-divisors in group rings had become interesting problem since 1940 with the famous zero-divisor conjecture proposed by G.Higman [2]. Since then several researchers [1, 2, 3] have given partial solutions to this conjecture. Till date the problem remains unsolved. Now we introduce the notions of Smarandache zero divisors (S-zero divisors) and(More)
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