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Choice responding in adult humans on a discrete-trial button-pressing task was examined as a function of amount, delay, and overall density (points per unit time) of reinforcement. Reinforcement consisted of points that were exchangeable for money. In T 0 conditions, an impulsive response produced 4 points immediately and a self-control response produced 10(More)
The present study was designed to investigate the differential effects of environmental factors on performance in young and aged rats. Specifically, within- and between-session habituation, environmental preexposure, and noise conditions were examined. Consistent age differences were found in response to environmental change and sensory condition.(More)
Long-term retention of fixed-interval curvature as an index of recall memory which is relatively free of retrieval cues was examined in younger and older rats. Previous research on free-operant behavior in younger and older rats showing within-session decrements in behavior of older rats and within-session increments in younger rats suggested that the(More)
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